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Our professors, lecturers and learning coaches guide you on a professional and personal level throughout your studies. They will not only provide you with a sound specialist knowledge as well as practice-oriented skills but will be available for questions, suggestions and discussions whenever needed. 

Pier14 kopie

Program director creative media

Pier Wouda

Pier Wouda is not only our program director of Creative Media, but also a passionate advocate for ‘future proofing’ people and organizations. Throughout his career he looks back on 20+ years of experience in film and television, entrepreneurship as well as being a learning coach and trainer.


program director business psychology

Christine Fitzgerald

Christine Fitzgerald has been in academia for more than thirty years. She has led psychology and coaching programs at American and European universities, sits on various educational boards and is a member of a number of management teams in various educational institutions. An award-winning teacher, she is dedicated to empowering future generations of business psychologists and continues to be an independent consultant, coach and public speaker providing business education in North America, Europe and Asia.


program director digital transformation media and cAO

Stijn van der Krogt

Stijn van der Krogt embodies an energetic and inspiring lecturer and facilitator. He has 30 year of international experience in business, development and ICT and worked and lived in more than 15 countries in Africa and Latin America. He is specialized in and publishes on various themes including entrepreneurship, strategic development, social and digital innovation, Fintech, agriculture and education.

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