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Are you interested in studying at Haarlem Campus?

Expanding your comfort zone and moving the world with your passion, creativity and commitment is your desire?

We at Haarlem Campus give you a wide set of skills at hand that empowers you to actively shape your career and makes you a passionate team worker as well as charismatic leader.

We use unconventional ways of education to trigger unconventional ways of thinking.

Bachelor Programs in the fields of business and informatics have been specifically designed to combine individual support, interactive teaching and practical relevance.

Being embedded in a mindblowing, inspirational and innovative environment will give the term higher education a completely new significance.

Creative Media

The future of media revolves around creating highly personalized, data-driven consumer content and experiences. Consumer value, relevance and picture-perfect experience will be of paramount importance.

The study program offers students professional competencies in the demand analysis and creative design in order to coordinate the development of media and communication solutions.

Become Tomorrow’s Creative Media expert and gain a specialist skill set that includes understanding the external and internal context and purpose of a myriad of media fields, as well as proficiency in cutting-edge digital tools!

Business psychology

We now face critical environmental challenges, fast growing inequality between and within societies, recently topped up by a global health crisis.

Our students will be trained to lead and organize human resource processes, to complement data analysis in the area of marketing and customer service and to support more strategic change managment operations.

Become Tomorrow’s Business Psychologist and gain a strong knowledge and understanding of the impact of digital technologies human resource management, marketing and change management processes and be able to complement digitalisation with people-centred and individualised approaches!

Digital Transformation Management

The world currently operates in an environment where digital technologies fundamentally change society, the economy and business models in particular.

The study program seeks to provide graduates with general competencies to lead the (ethical) development and use of digital technologies in companies and non-profit organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Become Tomorrow’s Digital Expert and stay abreast of the potential use of digital technologies in business and social sectors and acquire knowledge and skills to plan, design and implement innovative digital products and services that respond to the needs of business and society!

Try out Semester

Discover your future career path while getting a test of university life at Haarlem Campus. 

Our “Try Out” semester is aiming to make your life a lot easier. You do not only have the possibility to think half a year longer which bachelor program to take, you will simultaneously get equipped with contemporary skills, future-proofing your career prospects. And, as bonus, the credits will be transferred to your desired field of study.

Study at the pulse of time and let us support you getting closer to your dream career!

As differentiating competencies, our programs seek to equip graduates with three key specialization aspects:

which provide our students with the 21st century skills they need to thrive in increasingly complex global workplaces.

Get to know your potential

Due to our philosophy, students are encouraged to develop their own ideas. This will be realized through a four-semester entrepreneurship track that triggers entrepreneurial thinking and facilitates and guides ideation, design and implementation of a business venture.

​Besides, today’s educational trends such as internationalization, digitalization, ethics and social global topics are cross-cutting themes of all of our programs, operationalized by integrating life-case studies, practical assignments or topical research.

The usage of the specifically by SRH universities developed CORE© (Competence Oriented Research and Education) didactic concept additionally distinguishes our programs, using blended learning tools that equip our students with advanced professional analytical problem solving and decision-making skills.

Small study groups and 5-week blocks with a maximum of two modules ensure in-depth study time and continuous performance feedback from professors, learning coaches and field experts. Apart from in-house lectures, our students are going to enjoy the opportunity to get in touch with industry partners and create a professional network through internships, life case studies and applied research projects.

A safe and inspirational environment within our unique location do the rest to equip our students not only with a valuable degree but with social and personal skills promoting professional maturity.

Scholarship Program 2022

“Today’s students must be prepared for jobs that don’t exist by now, but also for jobs that exist now - however will look drastically different in the near future!"

Frequently asked questions

  • Creative Media – Bachelor of Arts
  • Business Psychology – Bachelor of Science
  • Digital Transformation Management – Bachelor of Arts

All of our Bachelor Programs run for a duration of 4 years. Each semester will constist of three or four concecutive 5-week modules. The academic year runs from October 1st until the 30st of September and the semester intakes are eigher the 1st of October or the 1st of April each year.


The application deadline for our Bachelor programs will be:

March intake:

February 01, 2022 for Non-EU/EAA citizens and February 20, 2022 for EU/EAA citizens.

October intake:

September 01, 2022 for Non-EU/EAA citizens and September 20, 2022 for EU/EAA citizens.

All of our modules will be held in English.

As our proven study concept CORE© stands for small groups and individual guidance, we can assure you a max. number of 30 students per classroom.


Citizenship | EU/EAA (incl. Switzerland and Western Balkans)

EUR 13 500/year (8 semesters)

Citizenship | Non- EU/EAA  

EUR 13 500/year (8 semesters)

The monthly/semester tuition fees remain the same for the entire duration of the study program. An additional Visa application fee of EUR 450 (non-EU/EEA) is to be paid once at the start of the program.

Students from the Netherlands may be eligable to apply for a scholarship. Contact us for more info.

For EU students please refer to your government to find out whether you are eligible in receiving a higher education allowance based on your parents’ income.

Dutch Students:

  • Havo-diploma (profiles depending on the course), Vwo-diploma, Mbo-diploma level 4


International Students:

  • International Baccalaureate, High school diploma, General Certificate of Secundary Education, Abitur or Fachhochschulreife, Equivalent international diploma


Language requirements: IELTS: 6.0 or higher, TOEFL internet based: overall score of 80; Cambridge certificate: CEA, CPE or FCE overall score C (169-172); Havo/vwo: pass for Englisch/Mbo-4.

1. Apply online and upload your Passport, Diplomas, English Language Certificate, Curriculum Vitae and Motivation Letter

2. If you meet the admission requirement, we will invite you to a selection interview with a lecturer

3. If the interview is successful you will receive an acceptance letter and the study contract

4. You will sign the study contract and send it back to us

5. You will pay the registration fee

6. We will prepare your letter of admission for you

7. Join us at Haarlem Campus and get the journey started!

Creative Media – Technical Writer, Public Relations Specialist, Sound Engineering Technician, Art Director, Graphic Designer

Business Psychology – Human Resource Executive, Industrial Counselor, Marketing Executive, Corporate Consultant, College Professor, Human Factors Specialist, Business Customer Behavioural Consultant

Business Informatics and Data Sciences – Data Scientist, Data Consultant, Specialist Researcher, Marketing Analyst, Operations Manager, Operations Planner/Analyst, Production Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Quality Assurance Manager