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Extraordinary living & learning experience

Study in a former prison

The terrain of the former Cupola prison is transformed into a university campus: a modern and cutting edge learning environment with classrooms, lab facilities, work – and meeting areas, a start-up incubator, a film theatre and a Cupola Café- in an iconic historical monument.

The proximity to the city center and the green lung around the cupola, equipped with sunny terraces, 240 student studios, a supermarket and a “green mobility” hub complements the ecosystem of the building and invites students to linger and explore.

You will feel energized by stepping into a historical building transformed into a think tank full of innovators, researchers and forward thinkers who get together to create future-forming ideas.

We see the cupola as an upside-down telescope that helps to change the perspective and invites you to see the world from another angle. Let’s use this ecosystem and its ocean of opportunities to connect, exchange knowledge and shape a new world.


Campus life at its best

Our Campus in Haarlem is far more than just a combination of learning, working and living. Haarlem Campus represents a community, offering plenty of space for cooperation and exchange.

Networking and events

Numerous events, leisure actives and facilities as well as joint projects on campus guarantee social networking and cross meeting options that will support our students to build a bigger network outside of the classroom.

Lively and safe location in the city center

Short distances within the campus and to the city center of Haarlem complement a promising ecosystem providing a high degree of safety, family feel as well as a meeting place for education and research, knowledge institutions, businesses and the city.

Housing and green mobility

The Cupola and its surroundings offer a unique combined living and study experience within joint and individual entrepreneurial and entertainment services. Short distances on campus as well as bike rental support uncomplicated and green locomotion.

Biking distance from the seaside

Two of the most famous beaches of the Netherlands are easily reachable by bike or within a 25 minute bus ride from Haarlem City Centre.

Zandvoort & Bloemendaal are surrounded by wild dunes and each summer temperatures rise up to 32 degrees, attracting hundreds of Dutch locals from all across the country.

It’s the perfect location for everyone who needs fresh air, a change of perspective and to refuel new energy and creativity.

The City of Haarlem

Our Campus is located at Haarlem, a city of remarkable history, featuring great culture, cafés, shops, restaurants and nightlife. Besides, the home of some of the Netherlands’ best museums and world-famous art is regularly voted as one of the country’s best cities for shopping. Its own vibrant pulse, created by historic waterways, cobbled streets and ancient buildings provides unadulterated inspiration and first rate entertainment.

Other than that, the cultural charm of the historic city, its proximity and frequently running trains to Amsterdam offer space for economic innovation as well as entrepreneurial vision. Especially businesses in up-and- coming sectors including young digital businesses, creative manufacturing, circular economy as well as life sciences and health found their way to Haarlem, creating a hub for highly-educated professionals and entrepreneurs.

Just a stone throw away from Amsterdam

Living in Haarlem has numerous benefits.

The city captivates with beautiful canals, a lively community and beaches just around the corner. Another decisive advantage of Haarlem is it’s proximity to the heart of the Netherlands – Amsterdam.

The capital of the Netherlands can be reached within a 11 minute train ride up to 148 times per day and gives access to iconic landmarks, deep culture and beautiful sceneries.

Prepare yourself to become able to lead and organize sustainable and inclusive human resource processes, to complement data analysis in the area of marketing and customer service and to support more strategic change management operations.


Frequently asked questions

Our educational institution does provide strong connections with the Student Hotel in Amsterdam as well as guidance as to finding housing. Get in contact with our student advisor and find out more about your options.

Our student advisor will be happy to assit you:

From March 2022 you will get the opportunity to stay at The Student Hotel Amsterdam City or The Student Hotel Amsterdam West, representing a vibrant co-living and co-working space where travelers, locals and students come together to learn, chill, work and play. Once the student housing at Haarlem Campus is completed you will additionally get the chance to stay at least 2 Semester on our beautiful and secured university campus. The newly build student apartment will be home to students of mixed ages, nationalities and cultures and a unique opportunity to meet new friends and become part of our vibrant community.

The overall living costs are highly dependent on the location. However, the average living costs for students in the Netherlands, including accomondation, food, transport, books, clothes and leisure activities,  range between 800-1200 EUR/month.

Find out more at:


Our Campus in Haarlem is located in a former Cupola Prison that has been transformed into a modern and cutting edge ecosystem. Next to our University the building is now hosting a start-up incubator, a film theatre, restaurants and many more. 

You will have the opportunity to learn, live and eat at one place and to become part of a community, offering plenty of space for cooperation and exchange.