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Emotional Intelligence

Embrace your inner wisdom by increasing your Emotional Intelligence!

Our Topic

Emotional Intelligence is considered to be the premier strength for succeeding in the global economy. Your inner wisdom is there for you – waiting for you, anytime you need it. Learn how to translate the language of emotions to accomplish your goals and bring benefit to yourself and your community.


In this MasterClass you will learn what Emotional Intelligence is and why it is essential for your professional and personal success. You will be given explicit, practical tools for increasing your Emotional Intelligence and will learn how to trust the inner wisdom that is there for you to use now.


To succeed in the global economy you will not only need to know yourself deeply and be able to draw your natural gifts, but you will also need to understand and have empathy for those you work with, sell to, influence and connect with.

Haarlem Campus

Our virtual Masterclasses are specifically designed for anyone thinking of studying at Haarlem Campus.

Anyone is welcome to join our live lectures, were our very own experts will give you real insights into our Bachelor Programs such as Creative Media, Business Psychology and Business Informatics and Data Sciences. Get ready to work through real lessons or case studies, delve into topical debates or participate in group activities. 

Learn from the best while getting to know us

Each virtual Masterclass additionally includes:

  • The opportunity to ask questions
  • The chance to hear about life at Haarlem Campus
  • An introduction to the Haarlem Campus admission procedure
  • Engaging and interactive insights into what it’s like to study at Haarlem Campus

What we will discuss

Bachelor in

Creative media

campus life


Bachelor in

Business psychology

campus life

Haarlem & Amsterdam location

Bachelor in

Business Informatics & Data Sciences

campus life

Networking and events

limited amount of seats left

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Embrace your inner wisdom by increasing your Emotional Intelligence!

Frequently asked questions

The open day is a physical event which will include a tour through the canals of Haarlem and an exclusive tour of “de Koepel”. It’s designed to help prospective students learn more about studying at HaarlemCampus, our courses, our campus and our student life. It aims to be interactive, where you can ask questions and interact with other potential students, lecturers and more.

Both physical & virtual open day will start with a welcome message from the Chief Academic Officer, followed by presentations from several different departments (e.g. course overview, faculty, campus, student life, student experience, scholarships). After each presentation, there will be a question and answer session open to anyone who has registered to attend.

We have set aside a number of free places for prospective students. To register, please click the ‘Claim your seat’-button and fill in the form. You will receive a confirmation email.

Yes, the virtual open day will be optimized for viewing on tablets and mobile phones.

Yes, you can register for onetoone video chat with our student advisors who will be happy to answer any questions you still have about studying at Haarlem-Campus.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend a session you can always sign up for a new one! You can find the next available dates in the sign-up sheet.

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Our curriculum brochure contains all key information regarding our classes, get familiarized with the learning objectives and outcomes of each class. 

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Our brochure contains all key information regarding our Master’s program, our campus, living and studying in the Netherlands as well as the student accommodation on campus. Please fill in the form below. 

Curriculum Applied Sustainability Management

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Our brochure contians all key information regarding our programs, our campus, living and studying in the Netherlands as well as the student accommodation on campus. Please fill in the form below.

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