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Jordan sparks - Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees

Study/program related

Haarlem Campus stands for an educational journey that places high emphasis on learning instead of teaching. Indeed, we are not only aiming to train you for life but to co-create your education with you.

We are moreover determined to design learning experiences that challenges you on your way to become a future-proof professional, able to observe, generate critical thinking and act to transform businesses and communities.

To deliver the experience our educational concept is based on real-life assessments in small teams, continuous performance feedback and all-round support from our experienced team of professors, learning coaches and field experts as well as different forms of examination that are relevant for the subject in question.

  • Creative Media – Bachelor of Science
  • Business Psychology – Bachelor of Science
  • Digital Transformation Management – Bachelor of Science

All of our Bachelor Programs run for a duration of 4 years. Each semester will consists of three or four consecutives 5-week modules. There are two cohorts, one that starts in September and one that starts in February. 

The application deadline for the September intake will be:

  • June 1st, 2023 for Non-EU/EAA citizens and
  • August 31st, 2023 for EU/EAA citizens.


The application deadline for the February intake will be:

  • November 30, 2023 for Non-EU/EAA citizens and
  • January 31, 2024 for EU/EAA citizens.

All of our modules will be held in English.

As our proven study concept CORE© stands for small groups and individual guidance, we can assure you a max. number of 30 students per classroom.


Yes, the internship is mandatory and scheduled for the fourth year.

Creative Media – Technical Writer, Public Relations Specialist, Sound Engineering Technician, Art Director, Graphic Designer

Business Psychology – Human Resource Executive, Industrial Counselor, Marketing Executive, Corporate Consultant, College Professor, Human Factors Specialist, Business Customer Behavioural Consultant

Digital Transformation Management – Data Scientist, Data Consultant, Specialist Researcher, Marketing Analyst, Operations Manager, Operations Planner/Analyst, Production Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Quality Assurance Manager

Everyone who comes to work, study or live in the Netherlands must make an appointment with the GGD tuberculosis control department in their own region. Provided that the person comes from a country where the tuberculosis rate is increased. Egg. who applies for a residence or work visa will be informed by the IND. The procedure can also be found on the IND website. The student can send an email to: tbc@vrk.nl


They would like to receive:


Last name
Date of birth:
Country of birth:
Date of arrival in the Netherlands:
Residential address in the Netherlands:


Follow this link to read further. It also contains a form, which you have to fill in,  in case you would like to make an appointment. 

finance/Administrative related

Citizenship | EU/EAA (incl. Switzerland and Western Balkans)*

EUR 8 750/year* (8 semesters)

*can be paid either upfront (yearly) or by installments (monthly, surcharge 5%).

Citizenship | Non- EU/EAA  

EUR 12 900/year (8 semesters)

The monthly/semester tuition fees remain the same for the entire duration of the study program. An additional Visa application fee of EUR 450 (non-EU/EEA) is to be paid once at the start of the program.

*As a response to the recent events in Ukraine, we would like to inform our Ukrainian students and applicants that we are lowering the tuition fees for Ukrainian nationals to EUR 6,750/year* (8 semesters). This is equal to the tuition fees for EU nationals under scholarship.

Students from the Netherlands may be eligable to apply for a scholarship. Contact us for more info.

For EU students please refer to your government to find out whether you are eligible in receiving a higher education allowance based on your parents’ income.

Dutch Students:

  • Havo-diploma (profiles depending on the course), Vwo-diploma, Mbo-diploma level 4


International Students:

  • International Baccalaureate, High school diploma, General Certificate of Secundary Education, Abitur or Fachhochschulreife, Equivalent international diploma


Language requirements: IELTS: 6.0 or higher, TOEFL internet based: overall score of 80; Cambridge certificate: CEA, CPE or FCE overall score C (169-172); Havo/vwo: pass for Englisch/Mbo-4.

1. Apply online and upload your Passport, Diplomas, English Language Certificate and Motivation Letter

2. If necessary, we will invite you to a selection interview with a lecturer

3. If the interview is successful you will receive an acceptance letter and the study contract

4. You will sign the study contract and send it back to us

5. You will pay the registration fee 

6. Apply and pay for a visa if applicable

7. Join us at Haarlem Campus and get the journey started!

Depending on your nationality, you may work for up to sixteen hours a week with a work permit from your employer. 

Find information regarding work permits and working hours from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment HERE.

After your arrival, it is your obligation to register in the Dutch municipality where you will be moving to. After getting your citizenship service number (BSN) and your VISA you can proceed with opening a bank account at the company of your choice such as ABN AMRO, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank or ASN Bank.

Including food, public transport, books, clothes, entertainment, housing, and insurance, a student should prepare to spend an average of between €850 and €1,250/month when studying in the Netherlands. 

If you are coming from outside of Europe, yes. In order for your chances to get a visa we need to prove to the immigration department that you have paid full tuition fees. From the second year and on since you don’t need to apply for a visa again, you can start paying with instalments. As soon as you get your citizenship number you can start working which really helps you gain back some of the money paid upfront. 

If you are coming from within Europe, no you can do pay it monthly. 

Currently we do not offer any scholarships. This is because the annual tuition fees, is what we call “early bird offer” for the students joining us from 2022-2023 and it is significantly lower from the original tuition fee amount which is 15.000 euros. Due to this reason we do not offer any scholarships. 

As soon as you pay the full amount then we will ask you to fill in some forms which are about your criminal record, TBC test as well as your financial status. Then we will apply for your visa. Once that is done we wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive an answer on your visa application. 

If you are coming from one of these 5 countries (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria) yes. Otherwise, no.

The immigration and naturalization services in the Netherlands have imposed stricter conditions on our educational institute. Therefore we need to make sure we follow these parameters:

– Collecting full living costs for the first year.
– Interviewing everyone.

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Thank you for showing interest in Haarlem Campus. Feel free to schedule a meeting with me. I would love to hear about your academic journey and how I can help you.

During our meeting, I will answer all your questions about studying at Haarlem Campus and our available programs.

Until then,


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