Educational concept

Learning with head & heart

Open your mind for an educational journey that places high emphasis on learning instead of teaching.

Are you interested in studying at Haarlem Campus?

A proven educational approach that seeks to develop specialist, methodological, social and personal competencies – guided by experienced lectures and learning coaches – will ensure our students meet and exceed future employablity requirements.

We’ve made it our goal to equip you with a differentiated set of skills and knowledge that enables you to not only identify existing shortcomings of today's society but moreover to find ways to make this world a better place.

Learning with head & heart

Our flexible, interactive, practical and personalized way of teaching forms a unique educational environment, inviting you to open your mind and to find your own, personal strength. We are moreover determined to design learning experiences that challenges you on your way to become an individual, able to observe, generate critical thinking and act to transform. 

The high degree of flexibility during your studies is guaranteed by combining the principles of competence-based learning, with the specifically by the co-founder SRH developed CORE© (Competence Oriented Research and Education) learning concept. 

These include, among many others, real-life assessments in small teams, continuous performance feedback and feedforward and all-round support from our experienced team of professors, learning coaches and field experts. 

18 different examination forms will ensure you can demonstrate your skills in the way that is the most well-suited to the competences that are relevant for the subject in question.

You might have noticed that YOU are the measure of all things! Our constructive alignment approach will ensure you to not only fit the future but empowers you to create it.

Studying with perspective

We believe that sustainable learning is only possible if there is enough space for experimentation, games and critical thinking. That is why we have completely restructured the classical course of studies.

You will work on practical tasks in small teams over 5-week blocks

Instead of losing the overview in between lots of subjects, you completely draw your attention to a maximum of two subjects that are taught in parallell during a block of 5 weeks.

You will receive continuous performance  feedback throughout your entire studies

We guide you on a professional and personal level throughout your studies. From the first day onwards, you will have qualified professors and learning coaches by your side. In addition, you will get individual coaching, and competent advice from our Career Service.

You will receive all-round support from your lecturer

At Haarlem Campus we do not practice pure frontal teaching only. Instead, our professors and learning coaches will provide a learning environment with small peer groups and individual guidance. You will not only acquire knowledge and skills but also improve your social and personal competences.

You will then take different types of exams throughout the duration of the module

Due to the time frame of our study model, you will no longer have to deal with crowded exam weeks. With a large pool of possible examination forms (from the typical exam up to role play or elevator pitch) you can demonstrate your skills in the way that is the most well-suited to the competences that are relevant for the subject in question.

Competence based teaching and learning – The CORE© Principle

The CORE© principle stands for “Competence Oriented Research and Education”. The by the university network SRH developed educational model is centered upon active and independent learning based on the building blocks:

  • optimal teaching and learning conditions
  • continuous quality assurance
  • lasting learning success
  • competence oriented
  • instructor as learning coach
  • five-week blocks


The principle represents a response to new educational and market challenges and offers students an innovative teaching and learning concept which provides them with individual and forward-looking support in their personal development and acquisition of competencies.

Prepare yourself to become able to lead and organize sustainable and inclusive human resource processes, to complement data analysis in the area of marketing and customer service and to support more strategic change management operations.