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Digital Transformation Management

Bachelor of Science (240 ECTS)

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Deadline for non-EU/EEA students: November 30th
Deadline for EU/EEA students: January 31th

Are you passionate to master business information systems and software engineering?

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Bachelor of Science

8 Semesters

image00014 - Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees

240 ECTS

EU/EAA: €6,750/year
Non-EU/EAA: €9,900/year

image00087 - Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees

Full time

On campus 

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Become tomorrow’s Digital Expert

Digital Transformation relates to the process of the integration of digital technologies in all aspects of business and organizations, including the business model, processes and products. It also implies changes in organizational structures and human resources. In a broader sense, Digital Transformation Management refers to the strategies, planning and coordination of digital transformation processes

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The study program seeks to provide you with comprehensive competencies to lead the (ethical) development and use of digital technologies in companies and non-profit organisation in the Netherlands and abroad.

Prof. Dr. Stijn van der Krogt, Chief Academic Officer

Study Digital Transformation Management in Haarlem

The study program aims to give you an understanding of the underlying developments in business informatics and data sciences.

Your course content

Throughout the study you get to know how to apply business-driven ICT solutions using the latest data gathering, analysis and visualisation tools and methods. These competences are combined with strong entrepreneurial, personal and intercultural competences to enable you to lead innovative and ethical sound digital ventures and projects.

The program covers business related modules such as Business Strategies, Management, Business Informatics and Data Sciences:

  • In the field of business, students gain understanding of traditional and digital business related issues including business strategies and models, operations and information management, human resources management, marketing, finance and accounting. 
  • They will also gain competencies in management, leadership and change management preparing them to contribute to the required change processes in companies and organizations.
  • Students will become knowledgeable in business informatics and learn how to identify and manage ICT solutions. This aspect covers business information systems, software development, information management, IT management and governance, geographic information systems and global ICT & Ethics
  • In the field of data science students will become familiar with data analytics and visualization, open and big data, business and artificial intelligence & tech ethics and Cybersecurity & ethics.
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image00080 - Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees

Your career prospects

There is a fast growing demand for programs that combine the fields of business and digitalisation both in the Netherlands and abroad, and in both the private and public sector, and in not for profit organizations. Yet, a bachelor study program with this combination is offered by very few universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. 

The profile prepares for the following labor market positions in the field of digital transformation: 

  • Project manager in the area of design and management of innovative ICT and data solutions and related digital transformation processes
  • Process manager of more complex digital transformation processes
  • Product owner in technology-based companies 
  • Independent expert / advisor in ICT, data solutions or digital transformation management
  • Entrepreneur in ICT, data management or digital transformation processes


Your curriculum

The program is structured around a total of 28 closely aligned study modules of five week during a four-year program. Frequently used teaching and learning methods include lectures, seminars, debates role plays, (live) case studies and project development.

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Fees & Tuition

Citizenship | EU/EAA (incl. Switzerland and Western Balkans)*

EUR 6,750/year* (8 semesters)

*can be paid either upfront (yearly) or by installments (monthly, surcharge 5%).

Citizenship | Non- EU/EAA  

EUR 9,900/year (8 semesters)

The monthly/semester tuition fees remain the same for the entire duration of the study program. An additional Visa application fee of EUR 450 (non-EU/EEA) is to be paid once at the start of the program

*As a response to the recent events in Ukraine, we would like to inform our Ukrainian students and applicants that we are lowering the tuition fees for Ukrainian nationals to EUR 6,750/year* (8 semesters). This is equal to the tuition fees for EU nationals under scholarship.

Accredited Bachelor program

Haarlem Campus is part of The Global School For Entrepreneurship.

The Global School for Entrepreneurship is officially recognized by the Dutch Government. We have received accreditation from the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization) for our Bachelor in Digital Transformation Management, this means that our program meets the national quality assurances as defined by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

CROHO-number (ISAT) – Register for Dutch higher education: 39310

Experience meets Entrepreneurship

The SRH Group, a leading a network of independent private universities in Germany and the Global School for Entrepreneurship, a University of Applied Sciences aiming to develop tomorrows entrepreneurs, created Haarlem Campus to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to local and international students in Haarlem. The two university operators cooperating for a particular purpose – THEY WANT TO GO FAR. And going far means leading YOU closer to YOUR dreams and professional goals.

Both, Germany as well as the Netherlands, are home to the most reputed education systems worldwide which is one of the reasons why we believe that this cooperation fulfills all the preconditions for an unconventional and successful educational journey.

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Aquire knowledge and skills to plan, design and implement innovative digital producs and services that respond to the needs of business and society!


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