Business Psychology

Bachelor of Science*

*subject to validation

You dream of a job in International Business and are interested in human behaviour?

Become Tomorrow's Business Psychologist

Gaining a strong knowledge and understanding of human resource management, marketing, change management processes and be able to complement digitalisation with people-centred and individualized approaches.

Great leaders do not rely on technique - they are successful because they are able to understand people, their needs, values and emotions. A degree in Business Psychology will equip you for successfully navigating the challenges of our global world.

Christine Fitzgerald, Program director Business Psychology

Study Business Psychology in Amsterdam and Haarlem

You will be trained in overall business competencies and in selected specific areas psychology relevant to operate in a business environment.

Your Course Content

The study seeks to develop competences that will allow you to be proficient in business related competencies blended with advanced knowledge of psychology.

The study covers business-related modules including Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management & Leadership, Intercultural Management, Operations and Information Management, Innovation Management, Finance and Law.

Psychology domains cover:
- Organisational Psychology
- Cognitive Psychology
- Social Psychology
- Personal Psychology
- Research Methods

Your Career Prospects

With the completion of your studies you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur, consultant, specialist or executive in companies and not-for-profit organisations in areas such as:

- Personnel selection and recruitment
- Human resources training, retention and development
- Business counselling
- Professional coaching
- Intercultural, inclusiveness and diversity management
- Organizational development
- Change management
- Market an behavioural research
- Marketing
- Customer service and customer relations
- and many more

As differentiating competencies, our programs seek to equip graduates with three key specialization aspects:

which provide our students with the 21st century skills they need to thrive in increasingly complex global workplaces.

Your Curriculum

The program is structured around a total of 28 closely alinged study modules of five weeks during a four-year program. Frequently used teaching and learning methods include lectures, seminars, debates role plays, (live) case studies and project development.

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Fees & Tuition

Citizenship | EU/EAA (incl. Switzerland and Western Balkans)

EUR 13 500 year (8 Semesters)

Citizenship | Non-EU/EAA

EUR 13 500 year (8 Semesters)

The monthly/semester tuition fees remain the same for the entire duration of the study program. An additional Visa application fee of EUR 450 (non-EU/EAA) is to be paid once at the start of the program.

*Students from the Netherlands may be eligable to apply for a scholarship. Contact us for more info.

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Experience meets Entrepreneurship

The SRH Group, a leading network of independent private universities in Germany and the Global School for Entrepreneurship, a University of Applied Sciences aiming to develop tomorrows entrepreneurs, created Haarlem Campus to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to local and international students in Haarlem. The two university operators cooperating for a particular purpose – THEY WANT TO GO FAR. And going far means leading YOU closer to YOUR dreams and professional goals.

Both, Germany as well as the Netherlands, are home to the most reputed education systems worldwide which is one of the reasons why we believe that this cooperation fulfills all the preconditions for an unconventional and successful educational journey.


Prepare yourself to become able to lead and organize sustainable and inclusive human resource processes, to complement data analysis in the area of marketing and customer service and to support more strategic change management operations.