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Our Bachelor's degrees at Haarlem Campus

NO 1st of may deadline!

Apply until August 15 (non-EU/EAA) or September 30 (EU/EAA) to start 1st of October!

Get your Bachelor`s degree at Haarlem Campus

Our Bachelor`s degree programs at Haarlem Campus deliver a framework, providing our students with an educational concept that enables them to co-create their educational path and become the creative director of their life.

They are moreover designed to equip our students with three decisive future skills such as (1) Entrepreneurial Mindset, (2) Digital Future, (3) Ethics, Social Awareness and Intercultural Communication, which they need to thrive in increasingly complex workplaces.

creative media

The future of media revolves around creating highly personalized, data-driven consumer content and experiences. Consumer value, relevance and picture-perfect experience will be of paramount importance.

The bachelor degree program Creative Media offer students professional competencies in the demand analysis and creative design in order to coordinate the development of media and communication solutions.

Become Tomorrow’s Creative Media expert and gain a specialist skill set that includes understanding the external and internal context and purpose of a myriad of media fields, as well as proficiency in cutting-edge digital tools!

We now face critical environmental challenges, fast growing inequality between and within societies, recently topped up by a global health crisis.

The bachelor degree program Business Psychology will train our students to lead and organize human resource processes, to complement data analysis in the area of marketing and customer service and to support more strategic change managment operations.

Become Tomorrow’s Business Psychologist and gain a strong knowledge and understanding of the impact of digital technologies human resource management, marketing and change management processes and be able to complement digitalisation with people-centred and individualised approaches!

image00178 1 - Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees
image00019 - Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees

The world currently operates in an environment where digital technologies fundamentally change society, the economy and business models in particular.

The bachelor degree program Digital Transformation Management seeks to provide graduates with general competencies to lead the (ethical) development and use of digital technologies in companies and non-profit organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Become Tomorrow’s Digital Expert and stay abreast of the potential use of digital technologies in business and social sectors and acquire knowledge and skills to plan, design and implement innovative digital products and services that respond to the needs of business and society!

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