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Where experience
meets entrepreneurship

Digital Future. Entrepreneurial Mindset. Intercultural awareness. 

about us girl - Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees

Inspiring learning environment

We live in exciting times offering as many challenges as opportunities. Hence, we need enterprising, spirited and creative professionals who are able to translate their power and passions into future-oriented and innovative solutions.

We aim to lay the foundation by creating an inspiring learning environment, embedded in a unique campus, placing great emphasis in personal development, interactive teaching and practical relevance.

Don’t belive the hype? Come to one of our open days and see for yourself.

Our story

The in collaboration established institution Haarlem Campus offers students innovative teaching and learning concepts that encourage professional and personal growth.


Haarlem Campus has been established by two experienced higher education advocates. A leading network of private universities in Germany, the SRH Group and a University of Applied Sciences called Global School for Entrepreneurship –fostering an agile, motivating and innovative culture of learning.


Decades of experience in education, research and knowledge transfer within an entrepreneurial setting have led to optimized academic programs, designed to offer the best possible preparation for the desired field of work.

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