About us

We live in exciting times offering as many challenges as opportunities. Hence, we need enterprising, spirited and creative professionals who are able to translate their power and passions into future-oriented and innovative solutions.

We aim to lay the foundation by creating an inspiring learning environment, embedded in a unique campus, placing great emphasis in personal development, interactive teaching and practical relevance.

Experience meets entrepreneurship

The in collaboration established institution Haarlem Campus offers students innovative teaching and learning concepts that encourage professional and personal growth.

Haarlem Campus has been established by two experienced higher education advocates. A leading network of private univesities in Germany, the SRH Group and a University of Applied Sciences called  Global School for Entrepreneurship –fostering an agile, motivating and innovative culture of learning.

Decades of experience in education, research and knowledge transfer within an entrepreneurial setting have led to optimized academic programs, designed to offer the best possible preparation for the desired field of work.


We want you to expand your horizon and surpass yourself by placing independent and active learning at the heart of everything we do.

Culture of entrepreneurship

Our students are encouraged to develop their own ideas.

That’s why entrepreneurship meanders like a red thread through all of our programs, ensuring our students come into early contact with topics surrounding the foundation of a business.

The unique ecosystem, including an incubator hub in the Cupola of Haarlem, will additionally provide perfect conditions by offering a specialized network as well as supporting infrastructure.

Learning instead of teaching​

We ensure that the active learner takes the centre stage.

Small study groups, authentic professional tasks and theme-centered five-week blocks enable project-oriented working and learning, creating the best possible prerequisites for personal and professional growth.

To be consistent, our instructors will also take on a completely new role by moving away from simply imparting knowledge to serving as learning coaches and role models for the students.

Self-determination and independence

We believe students have the right to direct their own lives.

That’s why our educational concept implies a high degree of self-determination, leading to greater independence and self-advocacy of our students.

Our highly flexible programs are only one important piece of the puzzle.

Hybrid learning, practice-oriented case studies, real-life assessments and a flat hierarchy round off the system, ensuring our students are able to develop freely.

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professors, coaches and field experts

Haarlem Development Team


Co-founder & CEO

Timo Timmerman accounts for over 40 years of experience in Dutch higher education and is also co-founder of Global School for Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. Since the start of his career, he has developed into a highly experienced inventrapreneur in the field of higher education, realizing fruitful and innovative partnerships with international stakeholders and business.

Prof. Dr. Stijn van der Krogt​

Chief Academic Officer

Stijn van der Krogt embodies an energetic and inspiring lecturer and facilitator. He has 30 year of international experience in business, development and ICT and worked and lived in more than 15 countries in Africa and Latin America. He is specialized in and publishes on various themes including entrepreneurship, strategic development, social and digital innovation, Fintech, agriculture and education.

Lilian van

CHIef operating officer

Lilian von Gulick stands for 28 years of experience in teaching, policy making and managing of higher education. After lecturing in labour and social security law,  her main focus since 2004 lies on strategic and operational management including the allocation of financial resources, human resource policy, facilities and student services.

Mylène Gordinou de Gouberville​

Program director

Mylène Gordinou de Gouberville is not only our program director of Creative Media she is moreover a passionate advocate for ‘future proofing’ people and organizations. Throughout her career she looks back on 20+ years of experience in film and television, entrepreneurship as well as being a learning coach and trainer.

Board of Directors

Jorg Winterberg

Board of directors

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jörg Winterberg

Christian Gerard

Board of directors

Christian Gerard

Thomas Blekman

Board of directors

Thomas Blekman


Board of directors

Timo Timmerman