90 Days "Try Out"

A customized introduction to the 21st century skills to future-proof any career path you choose !

Discover your future career path while getting a taste of university life

Having a clear vision of who we want to become and where our educational journey is going to take us is a rarity. All of us however are at some point at a crossroad where one decision is decisive for our future life path. High School graduation is one of these crossroads, challenging young adults every year anew.

Our  90 Days “Try Out” is aiming to make your life a lot easier. You do not only have the possibility to think a bit longer which bachelor program to take, you will simultaneously get equipped with contemporary skills, future-proofing your career prospects. And, as bonus, the credits will be transferred to your desired field of study.

Study at the pulse of time and let us support you getting closer to your dream career!

Our introduction to the 21st century skills is intending to boost your confidence, improve your academic skills and unlock your potential so that you’re well-equipped to continue your studies in the subsequent three and a half years of your chosen bachelor’s degree.

Prof. Dr. Stijn van der Krogt, Chief Academic Officer

Our 90 Days "Try Out" as an integral part of your study

Our introduction to the 21st century skills is the basis for your desired bachelor program at Haarlem Campus 

(1) entrepreneurial mindset, (2) digital future and (3) ethics, social awareness and intercultural competencies are the hot topics providing you with the future skills needed to thrive in increasingly complex global workplaces.

While all of these topics meander like a red threat through our Bachelor programs at Haarlem Campus, they will get special attention in our 90 Days “Try Out”  – helping you to get started building a solid foundation for your subsequent study program.

Our 90 Days "Try Out" Program

During the introduction to the 21st century skills, you do not only have time to figure out your path, but you will be already learning  the hot topics to thrive in increasingly complex global workplaces!

Make yourself ready to hit the academic runway and your future career by diving into modules such as:

  1. Teamwork and Project Management
  2. Effective entrepreneurship
  3. Social and intercultural business

The program is additionally marked by intensive individual support from our lecturers, field experts and learning coaches.

During the first 3 months of the introduction program, you will attend the above-outlined modules and you will have the option to already sit exams. If you pass any exams, the credits will be transferred to your desired field of study.

Upon successful completion of the first 90 Days, you have the opportunity to either follow one of the three courses offered by Haarlem Campus or the programs of our founding partner SRH and Global School for Entrepreneurship.

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Your benefits a glance

Our “Try Out” 90 Days program will pave the way for you making your entrance into our study programs significantly easier.

Starting of with a focus on our key specialization aspects such as (1) entrepreneurial mindset, (2) digital future and (3) ethics, social awareness and intercultural communication will not only prepare you from an academic but also personal point of view for your chosen study program.

Saving time, Figuring out your path

A lot of students have to pick a study at a very early stage of their life. Sometimes making the right decision on what type of program to choose can be difficult. That is why this 90 Days introduction is designed to help you gaining a sense which field of study is most suitable for you. This is supported by discovering your Entrepreneurial spirit, interest in the Digital Future and compass on Ethics and Social Awareness.

Building your professional brand

Participating in the "Try Out" 90 Days program also helps students discovering who they are professionally. You will not only get to know what you would like your profession to be, but you will also understand who you are as a professional by discovering your work ethics and general life ambitions.

Transfer your credits

Because of our strong partnerships with SRH and GS4E we allow students that have completed the 90 Days "Try Out" to continue studying by:

1. Following one of the 3 Haarlem Campus courses
2. Transfering to GS4E
3. Transfering to SRH

Get the chance to try out our educational model first before you fully commit

Applying for the "Try Out" 90 Days program will give you the advantage of experiencing a trail period while paying only one third of the price of the entire year. You can then make a decision if our innovative educational model is a good fit for you or not.

dream team
who are founders of Haarlem campus?

50 yrs of Experience meets Entrepreneurship

The SRH Group, a leading provider of education in Germany and the Global School for Entrepreneurship, created to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to local and international students in Amsterdam, are cooperating for a particular purpose – WE WANT TO GO FAR. And going far means leading YOU closer to YOUR dreams and professional goals.

Both, Germany as well as the Netherlands, are home to the most reputed education systems worldwide which is one of the reasons why we believe that this cooperation fulfills all the preconditions for an unconventional and successful educational journey.

Fees & Tuition

Citizenship | EU/EAA (incl. Switzerland and Western Balkans)

EUR 5300 (90 days)

Citizenship | Non- EU/EAA  

EUR 5300 (90 days)

Student VISA is not required due to the length of the programme. If applicable, students need to apply for a tourist visa. Check out this website for more information.

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Look forward to undertake real life case studies - allowing you to consolidate, showcase your business knowledge, academic language numeracy and research skills!